Wednesday, February 20, 2013


              Yesterday I posted some information on Antonina Zuchowska Gruszka.  I thought about it last night and realized that I had made a mistake -- she is my 2nd great grandmother not my 3rd.  I double checked the dates today because Antonina had given birth to my great grandmother Josephine when Antonina was 45 years old.  I also posed the question whether or not Antonina had any other children besides Josephine and Marianna.  Well, clarity must have come to me today because I remembered that on the 1900 US Census they asked the questions of "how many children did you give birth to" and "how many are still living".  I love these questions and wished that they had asked these questions on every census but especially on the older censuses when childhood and infant mortality was so high.  So, I looked on the 1900 Census and found that Antonina had given birth to 11 children (all I am assuming in Poland) and that 4 were currently living.  I see I have my work cut out for me!

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  1. On eof our ancestors answered that question with "1". It really through me as I had just started researching our family history. It had me thinking there was another wife, looking into second marraiges, etc... In fact, she had 12 children. Maybe she just didn't like the question...