Monday, June 24, 2013


How often these days do we read in the newspaper about someone hosting a bridge party at their house?  Now, maybe they still do in some small town newspapers.  It got me thinking about how times have changed and not just about playing bridge.  Today, Rose would have posted her status on Facebook -- "bridge party at my house", probably included a photo or two and then "tagged" her guests.  Rose probably would also be on Twitter and would send out a tweet with #Stachowiak Sisters.

Will our descendants be researching the archives of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google +) to see what we were doing, to collect photos and dates of our activities and to find the relationships between relatives?  What will they find and how accurate of a portrayal will it be?

I probably met Great Aunt Rose one time during my childhood (most likely at a family funeral) but from her newspaper articles, it seems like she was very talented, knew how to grow a great party and how to enjoy life.

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