Monday, July 29, 2013


Sometimes when I am researching in genealogy, my head just wants to spin!  For example, I am working on my family tree and I come across "Leonard S. Stachowiak".  Now my grandfather was named Leonard Stachowiak and was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Well, this other Leonard Stachowiak was born in Poland and was married in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Personally, I don't think "Stachowiak" is a common name, but then again I didn't grow up in Milwaukee.

So, according to, this other Leonard Stachowiak is the brother in law of  the brother in law of a 1st cousin 2 times removed.  What does that even mean?  When the phrase starts repeating the same words, I get a bit lost.

Of course, my hope is that if I research enough I will find that the two Stachowiak trees joined together and I can get rid of the "in law x 2" portion.   Well, time and a lot of research will tell.  Time to get back to the research ...

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