Friday, November 3, 2017


Today would have been Little Grannie's (also known as Lillian Braciszewski Stachowiak) 114th Birthday.  Lillian is the one in the middle in the above photo.  I am guessing the other two ladies were her friends.

I thought about her a lot recently.  She was a big Los Angeles Dodgers fan and would have loved to watch them in the World Series.  Obviously, she would have loved to see them win it!  She had a little transistor radio that she would take to bed and listen to the games. 

I inherited a bunch of photos of Lillian after my Mom's death this past May.  I am still trying to figure out who some of the people are in the photos.  I really wish my ancestors would have written names on the back of photos. 

I think Lillian's brother Stanley and his wife Frances are the unknown couple in this photo. 

4'9" and weighing only 70 pounds -- she really was our Little Grannie! 

Happy 114th Birthday, Grannie!!

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